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Twin Turbo 2800

Twin Turbo 2800 hair dryer.

RRP $125


GHD hair straightener.

RRP $269

Silhoutte Range

Super Hold Hairspray

The most important factor in a super strong hairspray is long-lasting hold without stickiness.

Silhouette super hold hairspray provides ultra strong hold to any style, without stickiness.

400g RRP $13.95

100g RRP $8.45

400g & 100g available only

Super Hold Mousse

A super strong mousse should provide long lasting style support, that’s it.

Silhouette super hold mousse provides ultimate style support.

RRP $13.95

200g available only

Super Hold Gel

The main function of a styling gel is to provide texture and definition, to personalise a look and create individuality.

Silhouette super hold gel, enables you to personalise a style with super-strong, long-lasting texture and definition.

RRP $17.95

150g available only

Flexible Hold Hairspray

Within any styling range there is a need for a caring, flexible hold hairspray, to provide bounce and body for a natural look.

Silhouette flexible hold hairspray provides natural, flexible hold and body.

RRP $13.95

400g available only

Flexible Hold Mousse

An essential part of every professional, classical styling range is a mousse, which provides volume and a natural, flexible hold.

Silhouette flexible hold mousse provides lasting, naturally-flexible hold, with volume and natural shine.

RRP $13.45

200g available only

Flexible Hold Wax

Waxes are the perfect choice to control and accentuate a style.

Silhouette soft wax provides control and the ability to personalise a style whilst providing a great shine to the hair.

RRP $17.95

BC Range

BC Repair Shampoo

Damaged hair needs a shampoo that will gently cleanse the hair.

BC Repair Shampoo gently cleanses, whilst providing the perfect base for other BC treatments.

RRP $25.95

BC Repair Conditioner

Damaged hair needs a product that will strengthen it internally, give protection and improve combability.

BC Repair Conditioner repairs, protects, and strengthens the hair internally without overloading it, making it smooth and pliant for easy combing.

RRP $25.95

BC Sealed Ends

Many clients have a problem with split ends, these are dry and porous making the hair prone to further damage, plus affecting the overall look.

BC Sealed Ends repairs damaged, porous split ends. It creates soft tips that are sealed and protected from further damage, making the hair look healthy and full of vitality.

RRP $25.95

Total Repair Treatment

BC Total Repair Treatment is the ultimate treatment for the repair of weakened, damaged hair.

The internal structure of the hair can be weakened during the process of colouring, bleaching or perming.

RRP $25.95

Colour Save Shampoo

Shampooing can remove colour from the hair.

BC Color Save Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the hair, whilst protecting and preserving the hair’s colour.

RRP $25.95

Colour Save Conditioner

Coloured hair needs additional care for it to look and feel healthy and shiny. Especially normal to coarse hair needs a conditioner which can be used on a daily basis.

BC Color Save Conditioner is an emulsion, which is perfectly suited for the daily care of colour-treated normal and coarse hair.

RRP $25.95

Colour Save Treatment

Clients with colour treated hair face two major problems:

  • The hair tends to be dry and prone to damage.
  • The colour fades from the hair.

BC Color Save Treatment is an intensive care product that restructures the hair, making it soft and resistant to damage, plus it maintains the colour intensity by sealing the colour in the hair.

RRP $25.95

Colour Spray Conditioner

Normal and fine hair needs conditioning when it is colour-treated, but is easily overburdened.

BC Color Spray Conditioner is a lightweight leave-in product, which cares for fine and normal hair and prolongs the colour retention.

RRP $25.95

Colour Save True Silver Shampoo

Environmental influences can give blonde and white hair a yellow tone.

BC True Silver Shampoo balances out any unwanted yellow effects.

RRP $25.95

Colour Care Injections

Clients want to maintain the hair colour achieved in the salon and avoid excessive colour fade in-between salon visits.

BC Color Care Injection is designed to keep colour brilliance alive between salon visits by rebuilding a healthy hair structure.

RRP $19.50

Coloured Ends

The ends of coloured hair, especially with medium to long hair, can be extremely vulnerable to friction. This will cause them to split.

BC Coloured ends is the perfect aid for the repair of split, broken ends.

RRP $18.50

Moisture Shampoo

Dry, brittle hair needs gentle cleansing with added moisture.

BC Moisture Shampoo provides the perfect, gentle cleansing solution for moisture starved hair, giving it all the moisture it requires.

RRP $25.95

Moisture Spray Conditioner

Damaged, dry hair lacks moisture and conditioners to smooth the hair’s outside surface, which make it look and feel healthy and full of vitality.

BC Moisture Spray Conditioner is a dual action product which targets the problems of damaged, dry hair by restoring the moisture balance and smoothing brittle hair.

RRP $25.95

Moisture Treatment

There will be occasions when dry hair requires more intense moisturising than given by a daily use shampoo and conditioner.

BC Moisture Treatment is an intense moisture treatment especially designed to fulfil the needs of moisture-starved, dry, brittle hair.

RRP $25.95

Smoothing Shampoo

Frizzy and brittle hair needs extra care to look shiny and healthy.

When a client wants to straighten her hair, the straightening process should already start with the right cleansing.

BC Smoothing Shampoo contains ingredients that will smooth, strengthen and protect frizzy, dry hair, giving a healthy, shiny finish.

BC Smoothing Shampoo is the perfect first step of a whole program when straightening a client’s hair, a gentle cleansing that will already smoothe the hair and keep the result for a longer time.

RRP $25.95

Smoothing Conditioner

Frizzy, uncontrollable hair that is extremely dry and brittle needs a conditioner that can be used every day in order to improve the appearance.

BC Smooth Conditioner can be used daily and contains ingredients that protect the hair and promote a glossy, healthy shine to the hair.

RRP $25.95

Volume Shampoo

To add more volume to a style, it is important to use a lightweight shampoo, which will remove excess oil, but will not add weight to the hair.

BC Light Volume Shampoo removes excess oil, which can often make hair feel lank and lifeless and weigh the hair down.

RRP $25.95

Volume Conditioner

The problem with fine hair is that it needs a lot of care in order to look healthy, but it is easily overburdened, lank and lifeless if the wrong conditioner is used.

BC Light Volume Conditioner is especially suited to the needs of fine hair that needs conditioning. It cares for the hair without weighing it down and gives additional volume so that the hair is healthy and full of body.

RRP $25.95

Dandruff Control Shampoo

There are two types of dandruff:

  • Dry dandruff, which is easy to identify due to the fine, white flakes on the scalp.
  • Oily dandruff, which is mixed with sebum from the scalp and is more difficult to recognise.

Ordinary dandruff shampoos simply remove the dandruff flakes and do not prevent reoccurrence.

BC Dandruff Control Shampoo will gently cleanse and treat both kinds of dandruff.

BC Dandruff Control Shampoo provides solutions to target the causes of dandruff, while effectively cleansing the hair.

RRP $25.95

Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Clients suffering from greasy hair and scalp conditions need a shampoo which removes the excess oil without drying the hair and scalp out.

BC Deep Cleanse Shampoo removes only the excess oil, leaving in place the essential oils the hair and scalp need to remain healthy.

RRP $25.95

Time Restore Q10 Shampoo

Like skin, hair also changes over time and mature hair specifically requires gentle cleansing.

BC Time Restore restoring Q10 shampoo gently cleanses with a rich, creamy lather; caring for coarse, brittle hair without overburdening normal to fine hair.

RRP $26.95

Time Restore Q10 Conditioner

Like skin, hair also changes over time and therefore requires a specifically blended daily care regime adjusted to meet the demands of mature hair.

BC Time Restore restoring Q10 conditioner provides daily conditioning with a rich emulsion that cares for dry and brittle hair, whilst providing lightweight care and vitality for fine, fragile hair.

RRP $26.95

Time Restore Q10 Treatment

Like skin, hair also changes over time and therefore requires a special deeply regenerating and intensive treatment that reinforces mature, limp hair.

BC Time Restore reinforcing Q10 treatment is a rich, creamy treatment that deeply cares for dry and brittle hair without overburdening normal to fine hair.

RRP $26.95

Time Restore Q10 Satin Spray

Like skin, hair also changes over time and can become dry and dull; therefore mature hair requires a specifically blended, lightweight daily care regime to promote healthy hair, full of body and utmost shine.

BC Time Restore Q10 satin spray is a lightweight, leave-in spray formula for daily use, providing natural shine and velvet smoothness.

RRP $26.95

OSIS Range


Perfect styling needs a perfect base

OSiS Hairbody is a styling product that gives both moisture and hold to the hair, providing the perfect styling base.

RRP $28.95


Balancing the correct amount of volume and hold whilst maintaining hair manageability is not always easy.

OSiS Upload provides great volume and care in one product, giving the hair perfect hold and manageability.

RRP $28.95


There is always a need for a strong hold mousse that gives long-lasting hold and yet is easy to brush out.

OSiS Grip is a super hold mousse that gives great, long-lasting styling support, but is easily removed with a hairbrush.

RRP $28.95


Curly hair can sometimes be difficult to style, especially if it is coarse and dry.

OSiS Loopy is perfect for creating long-lasting curls and controlling curly hair, giving it ultimate definition and smoothness.

RRP $28.95


A flattening liquid needs to be able to straighten waves and curls, ensuring that the look is maintained.

OSiS Slick straightens and flattens the hair, keeping it flat and straight all day.

RRP $28.95


Perfectly straight, smooth and shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair and vitality, but the use of straightening irons can have an adverse effect if the hair gets too hot.

Straight, smooth hair is one of the most important trends in hairdressing. However, many clients don’t want to straighten their hair permanently, but prefer to try the look for a shorter period of time.

OSiS Flatliner is the perfect styling product for straightening hair, as it protects against heat damage from irons and keeps the hair straight, smooth and shiny.

OSiS Flatliner prolongs the period in which ironed hair stays straight and smooth, making it the perfect choice for those clients who want temporary hair straightening.

RRP $28.95


Frizzy hair that lacks shine, looks and feels both dry and lifeless.

OSiS Magic smoothes frizzy, dry hair giving a dazzling gloss finish that is also soft to touch.

RRP $28.95


Most styles require gloss and shine to create the perfect finish.

OSiS Sparkler lives up to its name, by providing instant sparkling shine as well as additional conditioning properties.

RRP $23.95

G - Force

When you want to sculpt and twist the hair to achieve an edgy look, extreme control is the key.

OSiS G.Force is an extreme hold gel, perfect for moulding and sculpting; it also dries rock hard.

RRP $23.95


It would be beneficial for a hairspray to give hold, but allow for re-styling if later required.

OSiS Elastic is a flexible hold hairspray, which gives the freedom to re-style the hairstyle whenever needed.

RRP $23.95


It's not only session stylists who need total control from a hairspray.

OSiS Session extreme hold spray is a fast-drying spray, which gives absolute control whatever the style.

RRP $23.95


Many hairdressers and their clients look for products that can put a reliable perfect finishing touch to their style day after day.

OSiS Buff is a fantastic styling cream with light hold that is perfect to finish a style as well as for blow-drying. OSiS Buff is especially suited for daily use as it contains conditioning ingredients Aloe Vera and Panthenol.

RRP $23.95


Soft wax is the best choice when a hairstyle needs to be both defined and smoothed, however the application can be messy.

OSiS Shape accentuates and smoothes the hair, in a stick format that is both clean and easy to use.

RRP $23.95

Dust It

Many clients want a matt styling effect, but they do not want to feel any product on their hair.

OSiS Dust It, with its liquefying powder consistency, is the perfect choice when a client wants a matt finish and textured style without feeling as if any product is on their hair.

RRP $28.95

Mess Up

Some styles need the separation of a wax, without a gloss finish.

OSiS Mess Up provides texture with a matt finish.

RRP $28.95

Rough Up

Many styles today call for a styling product that gives a deconstructed look, which can be re-moulded over and over again.

OSiS Rough Up, formulated with volcanic sand, gives the ultimate deconstructed look and rough texture to the hair plus it can be re-moulded over and over again.

RRP $28.95

Stick Up

Whatever style direction, up or down, a hard wax is always a good option.

OSiS Stick Up is a hard wax stick that gives excellent style direction, combined with easy application.

RRP $28.95


To personalise a style, you need a product that is versatile and will hold the hair firmly in place.

OSiS Thrill is the perfect product for moulding, teasing or building the hair, whilst giving firm hold.

RRP $28.95

Marsh Mellow

Many creative styles call for a very strong re-mouldable product for extreme sculpting.

OSiS Marsh Mellow is a versatile mould paste with an outstanding consistency that gives strong control and natural finish to all creative, sculpted styles.

RRP $28.95

Matt Explosion

Many customers like the application form of hairsprays as they are very convenient, but the shine and instant hold they provide just doesn’t work for cool, matt styles with a lot of re-mouldable texture.

OSiS Matt Explosion – the first mattifying aerosol spray that allows you to remould your hair yet dries to provide strong control!

RRP $23.95

L'Oreal Range

Lumino Contrast radiance shampoo

A micro-oil transparent gel that targets highlighted hair. It gently cleanses and helps combat lipid loss without weighing the hair down.

Lumino Contrast radiance masque

A rich white cream that penetrates deep into the hair to treat and replenish the sensitised, highlighted hair fibres and prevent the loss of lipids.

Lumino Contrast serum gloss

A light serum developed to smooth and brighten highlights and enhance the intensity of contrasts throughout the hair. Hair is left silky and soft to touch.

Color protecting shampoo

A light cream that detangles without weighing the hair down. Residue is gently eliminated. Hair is left soft and shiny.

Color protecting conditioner

A rich cream for intense nourishment and longer-lasting, shiny colour.

Color protecting gel masque

A light treatment masque for deep nourishment. Hair is left easy to detangle and shiny in just one minute.

Color protecting leave-in conditioner

The hair is intensely nourished and longer-lasting colour can be achieved.

Vitamino Color Fine Conditioner

New 'weightless generation' formulae, Protects against colour fade, Creates volume & texture.

Vitamino Color Fine Shampoo

New 'weightless generation' formulae,Protects against colour fade,Creates volume & texture.

Shine Blonde shampoo

The Céraflash TM technology in Shine Blonde neutralises unwanted yellow tones, protects colour and adds brilliant shine to natural and coloured/highlighted hair. For more long lasting, bright blonde tones and soft, shiny hair.

Shine Blonde conditioner

Used after Shine Blonde shampoo, the rinse-out brightening conditioner with Céraflash TM from Shine Blonde, repairs and protects all types of blonde hair from unwanted yellow tones. Given long-lasting colour protection, blonde hair recovers its natural shine.

Delicate Color

With an extremely mild sulfate free base: colour fading is reduced. Even the most delicate colours and reflects remain vibrant and intense for a longer period of time.

Delicate Color features unprecedented laboratory technology: The extremely mild cleansing base limits the penetration of water in the hair fibre, which is at the origin of colour fading. This is the first time that the Série Expert range features a sulfate free technology.

Hair is gently cleansed and protected with delicate colours remaining vibrant and intense for longer.

Volume Expand Shampoo

The rich cream formula ensures optimal body and fullness without weighing the hair down.

Volume Expand Conditioner

Nourishes hair without weighing it down. For healthier hair and optimal volume.

Volume Expand Masque

Gives substance to hair with immediate results: hair has body and is nourished without being weighed down.

Volume Expand Spray

Gives fine hair body and fullness for lasting hold and volume.

Liss Ultime shampoo

Lastingly smoothes and relaxes the hair fibre, controls frizz and provides nutrition to unmanageable and rebellious hair.

Liss Ultime Leave-In Care

Provides care and discipline and protects the fibre from humidity with double action:
- Inside: Incell nourishes and coats the fibre.
- Outside: the auto-reticular polymer coats the fibre in a lasting anti-humidity shield.

Liss Ultime Masque

Nourishes, smoothes and protects the fibre against humidity thanks to double action:
- Inside: Incell nourishes and coats the fibre.
- Outside: the auto-reticular polymer coats the fibre in a lasting anti-humidity shield.

Liss Ultime Shine Perfecting Serum

The ultra-light fluid texture of Liss Serum means it is easy to apply, non-greasy and weightless on the hair. As it leaves no build-up Liss Fluid Serum can also be used every day to leave hair looking and feeling soft, shiny and smooth.

Liss Ultime Thermo-Smoothing Oil

- The fibre is LUBRICATED. Blow-dry styling is facilitated on unmanageable dry hair.
- Reduction of VOLUME.
- A FLUID, SILKY feel; a hair fibre lastingly infused with shine.

Liss Ultime Leave-In Night Care

Nourishes and smoothes the hair fibre during the night for easy styling in the morning,Nutritive oils (Olive + Argan) nourish and embellish the hair fibre.
The auto-reticular polymer coats the fibre in a lasting anti-humidity shield.

Shine Curl Masque

Provides curl definition, supports the curls and adds body. Grape seed extract promotes softness and nutrition,Curls are left supple and defined with brilliant shine.

Shine Curl shampoo

Cleanses, nourishes, detangles and defines. Curls are left feeling light, bouncy, cleansed and soft. Works on zone A.

Shine Curl conditioner

Nourishes the hair fibre to soften, detangle and control natural curls and professionally curled hair. Curls are soft, shiny, defined and feel light and bouncy. Works on zone A.

Absolut Repair Shampoo

Leaves hair strong and deeply nourished. Smoothes the hair scales with a natural feel.

Absolut Repair Serum

An intensive repair treatment serum that helps to smooth and prevent split ends.Hair is left feeling and looking healthy, silky and soft to the touch.

Thermo Repair

The fibre is deeply repaired, even after 5 shampoos. Immediate treatment results.Hair is perfectly smooth, fluid, easy to style.

Absolut Repair Leave-in Creme

Intensely nourishes and repairs sensitised area's of the hair,Shine perfecting agents smooth and envelope the entirety of the hair fibre,Repairs and reinforces the internal hair structure,Strengthens and protects.

Absolut Repair Conditioner

Leaves hair strong and deeply nourished. Smoothes the hair scales with a natural feel.

Absolut Repair masque

Leaves hair strong and deeply nourished. Smoothes the hair scales with a natural feel.

Sensi balance

SORBITWIN: patented technology offering a dual benefit soothing and protection thanks to a complex of sorbitol derivative, a moisturising ingredient and vitamin PP.

Instant clear

α-piritone: exclusive new patented technology made up of two active ingredients offering:Long-lasting elimination of dandruff Reduces irritation, rebalances scalp.

Age densiforce Shampoo

The Shampoo leaves hair feeling renewed with more body and radiance for a more youthful appearance.

Density Enhancing Masque

Hair gets more body and extrem brilliance.

Force Vector Shampoo

A reinforcing anti-breakage shampoo enriched with advanced Glycocell technology to deliver consolidating Incell and Royal Jelly extract where it's needed most. Fragile, brittle and breaking hair is left reinforced and fortified: nourished, smooth and glowing with strength.

Force Vector Conditioner

A reinforcing anti-breakage conditioner enriched withGlycocell technology. Fragile, brittle and breaking hair is left reinforced and fortified: nourished, smooth and glowing with strength

Force Vector Masque

A reinforcing anti-breakage masque with a rich creamy texture to treat and fortify fragile, brittle breaking hair. Enriched with Glycocell technology, damaged hair is transformed – soft, shiny and renewed with strength

Force Vector Reinforcing Treatment

A thermo-active anti-breakage treatment for fragile, brittle hair. For use prior to heat styling to prevent further damage, this silky smooth cream fortifies the hair deep down leaving it supple, fluid and reinforced.

Use while blow drying or with heated styling tools.


Infinium Lumiere brings a quick dry formula without stiffness and brushes out easily. The extreme hold, dry diffusion spray provides a high quality, glamorous effect to shape, set and illuminate your look with the additional benefit of anti-humidity action for continuous effect.

Play Ball Density Material

This unisex product is designed for short to mid-length hair. L'Oréal Professionnel Play Ball Density Material creates a messy or deconstructed look without adding oiliness while maintaining a natural-looking shine. Contains beeswax for a waxy-paste texture that leaves a silky, matte finish.

Play Ball Deviation Paste

A molding paste that creates separation and definition for a matte, messed up effect. L'Oréal Professionnel Play Ball Deviation Paste can be applied to towel-dried or dry hair and is easily worked throughout shorter styles for a messy style that has definition and direction without being overdone. The paste contains a non-ionic polymer and guar derivative as a styling agent, has a hold factor of four and smells sweetly of almonds.

Play Ball Pearl Whip

This soft defining cream is non-oily and designed for all hair types. Its anti frizz action gives a clean effect and very shiny finish. The alcohol-free formula has a hold factor of 1 and mineral particles act as a pearling agent for a natural finish. L'Oreal Professionnel Pearl Whip contains thickener for a light texture and a combination of fatty substances and silicone for better definition. This soft defining cream is non-oily and designed for all hair types. Its anti frizz action gives a clean effect and very shiny finish. The alcohol-free formula has a hold factor of 1 and mineral particles act as a pearling agent for a natural finish. Contains thickener for a light texture and a combination of fatty substances and silicone for better definition.